Friday, March 28, 2014

A Letter to the Man on the Street

Dear Man on the Street,

Today you asked me for a penny, I didn't have one.  I was surprised you asked for only a penny, not a dollar not even a dime.  It made me sad.  I was on my way to lunch.   I wanted to invite you to have lunch with us, but I didn't.  I watched as people passed by.  Some people pretended you weren't there, some moved to the far side of the street.  They all looked uncomfortable.  I thought about what people might say if I invited you in to have lunch.  I thought about sticking up for you.  I thought about what led you to this place.  I watched as you danced on the street to the beat of nearby street musicians.  I thought about where you stayed when it was so cold a few days ago.  Then I cried.  But not for you, for me.  For all of the missed opportunities. I thought about Jesus.  He would have invited you to lunch.  He would have listened to your story.  He wouldn't have pitied you.  He would have loved you.  I'm still learning but I left you different.  You made an impact on me and next time you ask, I'll have a penny for you.  I'll invite you to lunch.  I'll listen to your story.  I'll love you.

~ kristin