Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First Pepero Day!

Today, November 11th, is Pepero Day in Korea!! Pronounced, Pepper-O. This is the day in which all Koreans young and old give each other Pepero candy. It is basically chocolate covered pretzels, but without the salt, and not twisty. They are in stick form, a little bigger than a coffee stirrer, but about the same length. They are quite delicious, and because they are so thin and small you can eat 12 without even knowing. LOL. They are fairly cheap too, you can buy a box of like 24 for only 700 Won, which is a little less than $.70. But anyway, the funny part is that this company kinda made up the day so that they could sell more candy. Ha. They chose 11/11 because the ones in November 11th resemble pepero sticks. So lining the candy shelves in all the 711 and grocery stores you see pepero. Lots of different flavors too. I got some almond ones today from a co worker. Yum yum. They even have stuffed pepero sticks that you can buy for each other which are kinda cute if you can picture a stuffed, chocolate covered stick smiling at you. I would say it's on par with Valentine's Day. I even gave a box to my cab driver today. He was very pleased and he laughed. All in all my first Pepero Day was very tasty and I will have no problem celebrating it again next year.

Pray for the Korean people. Many of them are so lost and are turning to fortune tellers and taro card readers for direction. I've seen fortune tellers set up booths on the streets and rooms in the malls where you go in and sit down at a table and they will read your taro cards, or tell you your future. It's heartbreaking. Pray that they will find these sources empty and meaningless, and that they would choose to go to the Source that will lead them in paths of righteousness and truth, and love.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What I love about Korea

Here is a list of some things I love about Korea.

- friendly people
- beautiful scenery
- corn on the cob vendors on the sidewalk
- norebong (karaoke rooms)
- board game cafes
- finding an American restaurant in an unexpected location
- orphans
- melon popsicles
- baseball games
- learning about a new bus route that cuts your trip time in half
- english channels on tv
- being able to sleep until 11am
- pizza with corn on it
- squatty potties, they really aren't that bad
- medium popcorn and 2 drinks for $7 at the movies
- cab drivers that help me with my korean pronunciation
- little kids that say hello to you because they know you speak English and they want to practice
- dak galbi (it's this korean dish that is kinda spicy, it has meat and potatoes and chesse, so good)
- rice
- museums and palaces
- not worrying about getting lost, cause i'm really good at navigating the subway
- taking off my shoes in korean restaurants. it's real funny that in the states they are shirt and shoes required and in korea it's shoes forbidden
- endless reruns of law and order
- the hills season 2 at 2am
- chopsticks, i'm gettin really good
- taking the orphans on day trips
- making new friends
- grocery shopping at 1am
- heated floors

i know there's lots more that i love that i can't think of, but here's some for now.