Sunday, November 2, 2008

What I love about Korea

Here is a list of some things I love about Korea.

- friendly people
- beautiful scenery
- corn on the cob vendors on the sidewalk
- norebong (karaoke rooms)
- board game cafes
- finding an American restaurant in an unexpected location
- orphans
- melon popsicles
- baseball games
- learning about a new bus route that cuts your trip time in half
- english channels on tv
- being able to sleep until 11am
- pizza with corn on it
- squatty potties, they really aren't that bad
- medium popcorn and 2 drinks for $7 at the movies
- cab drivers that help me with my korean pronunciation
- little kids that say hello to you because they know you speak English and they want to practice
- dak galbi (it's this korean dish that is kinda spicy, it has meat and potatoes and chesse, so good)
- rice
- museums and palaces
- not worrying about getting lost, cause i'm really good at navigating the subway
- taking off my shoes in korean restaurants. it's real funny that in the states they are shirt and shoes required and in korea it's shoes forbidden
- endless reruns of law and order
- the hills season 2 at 2am
- chopsticks, i'm gettin really good
- taking the orphans on day trips
- making new friends
- grocery shopping at 1am
- heated floors

i know there's lots more that i love that i can't think of, but here's some for now.

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