Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Class of Comedians

So I thought for this post I'd share a couple funny stories that have happened in class.

One day I was teaching my youngest class of 1st graders. It's a class of just 2 boys, but they are very difficult to manage. They are often out of their seats and it is difficult to get them to stay focused, even for the Korean teachers. Well one of the boys, Lee, came up to me holding a small tube of something. He told me to hold out my hand. I should have known better but I thought he was trying to be friendly. I was wrong. The kid put blue paint in my hand. Then he proceeded to tell me it was lotion and that I should rub it all over my hands. I was a little mad at first, but then when he tried to get me to rub it all over I died laughing. I thought he was pretty clever to come up with that trick. Luckly it washed right off. I scolded him and we went on with the lesson.

In a class of 4th graders we had finished the textbook and were reviewing. We learned about writing stories and so I wanted us to write one together with each student writing a line at a time. I let them choose the characters and setting as well. This is the story they came up with:

"At 12:00am Wonder Woman killed a crazy man. George Bush walked down the empty street and screamed. Then he drank some soju [a korean liquor]. Then he fell asleep on the street. Cat Woman ran over George Bush in her car. Suddenly the crazy man got up. There was a party going on nearby and the crazy man and Wonder Woman broke it up. then Wonder Woman turned on the crazy man and killed him again."

I helped them with the grammar some, but the plot is entirely them. It is important to note that being crazy is pretty offensive in Korea. They were very proud of their story. LOL.

Shortly after I returned from the States I was teaching my favorite class of 3 girls who are middle school aged. The most talkative girl, Wendy, noticed I was chewing gum and she asked me for a piece. I gave her and the other girls a piece of Big Red gum. I only had one piece left so they split it into thirds. After about a minute of chewing Wendy looked at me with a surprised look and said, "Teacher, Fire Gum!!"

That's about it for now, thanks for reading!

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