Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy Kristin

So here's a funny story...

Once upon a time I tried to delete a post and accidentally deleted my entire blog. But thankfully I had copied all my posts and sent them out via facebook and so I was able to copy and paste them right back here. The End.

More funny moments...

So apparently the word crazy in Korea is just hilarious to kids. I'm not sure if it is kind of offensive because when I tell them they are crazy they go nuts. They laugh and are like, no teacher. And some of them will tattle when another student calls them crazy and I'm like, so, I'm crazy too, and they crack up. I like it.

Koreans put corn on everything. I ate pizza tonight with corn on it. And to be honest, I've bought steamed corn on the cob on the side of the road. I was walking down the sidewalk and decided I wanted some corn. So I bought 2 ears for a dollar.

Little unknown fact. Lots of Koreans are tone deaf, and sometimes they sing on the subway. And it's a little bit funny.

Pray for the salvation of my fellow foreign coworkers. My head teacher is a man that's in his late 20's and he lives with his girlfriend that also works at my school. They are so nice and fun, we hang out fairly regularly. They aren't the get drunk and party type which is very typical of foreigners living in Seoul. We had a lunch party at their house last Sunday and I heard Monique, the woman coworker, mention that her mother is Hindu and she is Buddhist. This broke my heart. I talk to them about church and how much I love my church here. I'm working on building a good relationship with them. I've casually invited them to church, but I really want to blanket this new friendship in prayer. I know that prayer is powerful and effective, and so I want to try to be faithful in prayer for these new friends. I also want to be an example of Christ's love to them. It's difficult not to gossip about the students or other teachers when it happens so often in our one room office. Pray for opportunities for me to be Christ to them and give Him the glory for it.

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