Thursday, September 4, 2008

He Humbles and Restores

I have the coolest story to share about how loving God is. I'm here with my friend Christian for those of you that don't know. He and I went to college together and it just worked out that we would both be here. Well as the weeks have gone by we spend a lot of time together. And as it tends to sometimes happen we just would get frustrated with each other. As we discussed and talked things out I was just really convicted. I have not been loving and gracious towards him. It was really humbling to learn. I had been so annoyed that he wasn't understanding me that I failed to understand him. I was not serving or kind to him. Well, all that happened on Friday and Saturday we spent all day together. We went to the orphanage and to a baseball game with some of my coworkers. We had a blast. Then today, Sunday, we met our other friend Erin that just got here three days ago and went to a cook out at my coworkers house and went to church together, and again, had a great day. I really spent time praising the Lord for that restoration, but still beating myself up about my selfishness. Well just before church started I went to the bathroom. This is a very large church more than 500 people just at the English service. Well I was in line at the bathroom and a woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me how many people attended the church. I told her I wasn't sure and that I've only been going here a couple months. And she asked me what I was doing in Korea and I told her. She looked to be about 65ish. Then I asked her why she was here. And she said for cancer treatments and something to do with stem cells. My heart broke for her. We talked a little more and as we left the bathroom I told her that I hoped everything went well and enjoy the city. I didn't expect to see her again. Well when I got back into church they had already started so I sat down and then noticed that her and her husband and her friends had sat near us. We smiled at each other and that was it. Then we sang a song and the worship leader began to pray. He was thanking God for being a big God and Lord over everything. And at one point he said, You are a God that heals cancer. I immediately began crying. Then he did something out of the ordinary. He encouraged us all to just pray for a breakthrough for our church. That sins would be confessed and healing and restoration would come. And out of no where I felt God telling me to go over and put my hand on this woman and pray for her. Now I have had this feeling before. I know that it is the Holy Spirit and I know to obey. In the past I have not obeyed and it hurt. So after a moment of questioning if it was the Lord I got up and crawled over like 3 people to go pray for this woman. I got to her and put my hand on her back and just began to cry and pray. It was beautiful. I did not know this woman, she had just arrived in Seoul, she had never been to this church before, I met her in the bathroom, she sat near me, and the opportunity was presented. After I prayed for her we both were crying and I hugged her and went back to my seat. I was humbled once again. This time in a rewarding way. I had just been an awful friend but the Lord still used me. Obedience feels amazing too. I don't know what the Lord will do through my prayers, but I do know that it was what I needed and I'm certain it was what that woman needed as well. After the service she came over to me and asked for my e-mail address. I told her I was hoping we'd be able to swap information and I asked that she would be sure to e-mail me. I am so thankful that God shows me mercy and blesses me. He gives the grace that I fail to give. We serve a loving God.

Pray for Onnuri Church. There is lots going on at our church and they are very excited about spreading the Gospel in all the world. We are approaching a time of fasting at the church and Pastor Eddie has asked everyone to participate. Pray that change will occur and that hearts will be restored and become more intimate with the Father. Pray that the church will be refined in the fires and that South Korea will know the name of Jesus and proclaim Him as their Savior.

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