Friday, May 8, 2009

Quotes from the Kids

So I was trying to think of something funny to blog about and this is what I came up with. We have a quote board at work where different teachers right down funny things that the kids say. Sometimes I feel bad, but sometimes it's so funny, and when learning a new language we all mess up and it's funny. They laugh at my Korean all the time. So read and enjoy...

The students learned the proper responses to different things that happen. One of the things they learned was sneezing. The teacher gives the prompt and the student is supposed to say the correct response.

"Achoo" - Erik Teacher
"That's ok" - Kevin

"What is 11 + 12?" - Teacher
"Twelben" - Rachel

"I eat hermit crap." - Ace

We had pepero day and I gave all the students these chocolate covered bread stick things. Well one boy licked all of the chocolate off of his and proudly announced...

"Teacher, my pepero is nude!" - DJ

I was asking my students to name the parts of a bug's body. I was trying to get them to say thorax and told them it was the middle part of the body. They pulled out their electronic dictionaries and began yelling the words they read...


"Santa's not coming this year." - Joy
"Why not?" - Erik Teacher
"Because oil is too expensive." - Joy

"How long have you been bad tempered?" - Erik Teacher
"Since you arrived." - Jane

"Are you cute" - Teacher
"No, I'm beautiful" - Holly

"Teacher, I want to change my name." - Sarah
"To what?" - Kristin
"Bling-bling" - Sarah

"Jun-Young, we voted, you have to bring all the snacks for the snack party." - Harry

"What are two things we get from trees?" - Kristin
"Christmas and Mother's Day" - Jason

"Hey guys, what did you get from your girlfriends for Valentine's Day?" - Kristin
"Jun-Young can't get a girlfriend." - Harry
"Oh, why not?" - Kristin
"Because of his face." - Harry
"You're not very nice." - Kristin
"I am being kind, because I made him aware." - Harry


Ashton said...

ah ha ha ha...this is so funny. I love it so much. "I was being kind because I made him aware"

Kristin said...

I know! Harry is such a crack up. He's so smart and sarcastic and it is just funny.

Machelle said...

those are great!!

Kristin said...

Can we just talk about how I am an English teacher and I was rereading these posts that I made and I wrote "right" instead of "write", I'm ridiculous!